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GOWERS S, NORTON K, HALEK C, CRISP AH.Outcome of outpatient psychotherapy in a random allocation treatment study of anorexia nervosa.. Int J Eat Disord.1994 ; 15(2) : 165-177
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resumeang: Ninety subjects with DSM-III-R anorexia nervosa were randomly allocated to four treatment options, one inpatient, two outpatient, and one comprising an assessment interview only. Twenty were thus offered a package of outpatient individual and family psychotherapy. At 2-year follow-up, 12 of the 20 were classed as well, or very nearly well, according to operationally defined criteria. Statistically significant improvements over time were obtained for weight, mean body mass index (BMI), and also for psychological, sexual, and socioeconomic adjustments. Weight and BMI changes were significantly better than for the assessment only group, some of whom had received extensive treatment elsewhere. The style of the outpatient therapy and compliance with it are described in some detail and prognostic indicators for the treated and untreated groups presented. Lower weights at presentation and vomiting were associated with poorer outcome, although age and length of history were not.
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