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Progress Report at 4 years for the autism pole

I. Introduction and II. International context of Practice-based Research Networks ENG_RRFPPProgressReport_Introduction&PBRN.pdf

III. Review of our Network's Objectives, IV. Methodological choices of the network in the international context of psychotherapy research and evidence-based practice, and V. Setting up the network and its methods of work.ENG_RRFPPProgressReport_III-IV-V.pdf

VI. Study methods and data analysis & VII. Sample case study: Merlin

VIII. Baseline, behavior and development changes of 50 children for 1 year therapy. Introduction, Case formulations' synthesis, behavioral and developmental outcomes.

IX. Psychotherapy process of 50 children for 1 year therapy. General characteristics and distinction of subgroups

X. Evolution profiles of each child and by age group

XI. International Relations

XII. Conclusions ENG_RRFPPProgressReport_Introduction&PBRN.pdf

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